Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dress ups

I some how got the desire to do some sewing again, and I came up with some new dress patterns for me.

I really enjoy creating something just for me, my own pattern - for me... Big ego boost when it all comes out as planned... Although when things dont go right - it is a chance for me to learn more about dress making and apply some problem solving skills...

I made this one first... Shearing to about 2 inches below the bust allows the dress to hang, without the typical babydoll style that makes me look about 6 months pregnant. The material is a cotton ripstop, picked up from my local spotlight. Love the pattern and the colours... Would have preferred it to be alittle lighter though... being Queensland and all... But all in all, Im happy with how it sits and looks... (Need to take a better photo tho!)

This was the dress I made for DingDong in the SoL Swap. It has about 2 inches of shearing under the bust, and a ribbon above to gather it all in tight.

This is actually made into a 2 piece set. I wanted to make it like this so i could wear it separately




I really like this one too... Well the skirt more so than the shirt. The shirt still needs some more modifications. I already added in extra shearing under the armholes to combat the '3rd and 4th boobs' as my hubby kindy referred to it. The back was designed to be ruffled, but since my bust is too large, it takes most of the extra material - and makes it look odd... Not fitted - but not ruffled either. So next one, Im going to make it deliberately fitted on the back.

Gosh it was difficult to get these shots... I wish I had some nicer ones - more so than these self taken timer ones... Maybe I can get Jason to take some nice ones for me!

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