Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waste not - Want not

I did a huge clean out awhile ago and put a stack of my clothes that don't fit me up for sale on a forum I'm on. I was a little disappointed in the lack of response I got, ended up removing them all and putting them aside to sent to charity.

Now the problem is, they sat in our front room for months... I ended up searching through it for something a week or so ago and pulled out a few things, This being one of them...

This skirt was actually bought second hand off the forums, its a size 12, and I modified it when I bought it too... I trimmed it up to this, where it was once a full length. I also used the scraps from that to make a few small clutches!

Anyway, since I'm no longer a size 12 I had no need for it, but when I pulled it out while searching for something else, a little light bulb went off in my head....

Why not make it into some long shorts?!

And so began the new mission....

I have a new pair of size 8 shorts that are quite fitted, so this was the idea I was working from for these. I placed them on the skirt and saw that it would be possible to make, and relatively easy... So let the cutting begin.

I simply pinned my new shorts to the skirt and cut the legs out, one each side, leaving a seam allowance.

The whole sewing process was relatively simple too. I sewed the leg seams up (and I had already removed the side zipper to steal for something else, so just sewed that seam back up too...).

I had planned on adding a zipper, but during the pinning and such I noticed it was not needed.

Next was to pin up the crotch and sew up like regular pants - only difference was I left about a 2in at the front to add a button. Starting from the back, I sewed around the front, but realised I would need the button hole side to over lap about 2in, so starting at the crotch, I pinned it so the button hole side of the front gradually stepped out to where it needed to be by the top (if that makes sense..)

Add in the button hole, sew on the button and sew down the flap left over from stepping out the button hole - and Bob's your uncle - A new pair of shorts :)

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