Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waste not - Want not

I did a huge clean out awhile ago and put a stack of my clothes that don't fit me up for sale on a forum I'm on. I was a little disappointed in the lack of response I got, ended up removing them all and putting them aside to sent to charity.

Now the problem is, they sat in our front room for months... I ended up searching through it for something a week or so ago and pulled out a few things, This being one of them...

This skirt was actually bought second hand off the forums, its a size 12, and I modified it when I bought it too... I trimmed it up to this, where it was once a full length. I also used the scraps from that to make a few small clutches!

Anyway, since I'm no longer a size 12 I had no need for it, but when I pulled it out while searching for something else, a little light bulb went off in my head....

Why not make it into some long shorts?!

And so began the new mission....

I have a new pair of size 8 shorts that are quite fitted, so this was the idea I was working from for these. I placed them on the skirt and saw that it would be possible to make, and relatively easy... So let the cutting begin.

I simply pinned my new shorts to the skirt and cut the legs out, one each side, leaving a seam allowance.

The whole sewing process was relatively simple too. I sewed the leg seams up (and I had already removed the side zipper to steal for something else, so just sewed that seam back up too...).

I had planned on adding a zipper, but during the pinning and such I noticed it was not needed.

Next was to pin up the crotch and sew up like regular pants - only difference was I left about a 2in at the front to add a button. Starting from the back, I sewed around the front, but realised I would need the button hole side to over lap about 2in, so starting at the crotch, I pinned it so the button hole side of the front gradually stepped out to where it needed to be by the top (if that makes sense..)

Add in the button hole, sew on the button and sew down the flap left over from stepping out the button hole - and Bob's your uncle - A new pair of shorts :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flower power!

Ive been learning to crochet over the past few weeks/month... Im getting there with my skills, and this SoL swap, along with the dress I made, I made one of these ----------------->
with a white flower and a green button.


I found this really simple and quick to create - my biggest downfall was loosing some tension when creating the chain. I sl st all the way back up to make the chain thicker, as the crochet cotton I used didnt give me the chain like i wanted - nor what the pattern showed.... But in doing this, I found that if i had lost some tension in the original chain, it would leave these unsightly sticky out loops in the chain. I did figure a way to fix this after the fact, but it would have been easier - and quicker to have just started again....

At the end of the stems - are these adorable leaves... I think next time, ill figure a way of making them stand out more... Because they are really just gorgeous!

One really great thing about this necklace, other than its something handmade, something simple and quick to create, easy on the back pocket, and easy on the eye - Is that my 1 year old loves to play with it. He pulls at it, tries to eat it, and it hasnt hurt it one bit!

Dress ups

I some how got the desire to do some sewing again, and I came up with some new dress patterns for me.

I really enjoy creating something just for me, my own pattern - for me... Big ego boost when it all comes out as planned... Although when things dont go right - it is a chance for me to learn more about dress making and apply some problem solving skills...

I made this one first... Shearing to about 2 inches below the bust allows the dress to hang, without the typical babydoll style that makes me look about 6 months pregnant. The material is a cotton ripstop, picked up from my local spotlight. Love the pattern and the colours... Would have preferred it to be alittle lighter though... being Queensland and all... But all in all, Im happy with how it sits and looks... (Need to take a better photo tho!)

This was the dress I made for DingDong in the SoL Swap. It has about 2 inches of shearing under the bust, and a ribbon above to gather it all in tight.

This is actually made into a 2 piece set. I wanted to make it like this so i could wear it separately




I really like this one too... Well the skirt more so than the shirt. The shirt still needs some more modifications. I already added in extra shearing under the armholes to combat the '3rd and 4th boobs' as my hubby kindy referred to it. The back was designed to be ruffled, but since my bust is too large, it takes most of the extra material - and makes it look odd... Not fitted - but not ruffled either. So next one, Im going to make it deliberately fitted on the back.

Gosh it was difficult to get these shots... I wish I had some nicer ones - more so than these self taken timer ones... Maybe I can get Jason to take some nice ones for me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Sarah-jo freebie!

Last week I recieved my/our robot bag that we won in the Sarah-jo giveaway. I have been desperate to blog about it ever since, but of course, with my boys being quite ill - I havent had the chance to come on the net... (thank god for facebook mobile, otherwise I would have died!!!) They are still quite sick, but meh - I need to do this!!! :D

The bag was impeccably made, just gorgeous! And the little touches really made it special....

Of course my boy would NOT sit still, typical. So sorry for the blurry action shots. He has been filling it up with mummy's things ever since.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slipper socks Tutorial plus Free pattern...

Thought I'd write up some instructions and include how to create the pattern for my previously posted slipper socks.

So here goes...

You need:

Baking paper (for pattern pieces)
A shoe that fits

(based on babies size 5 shoes)
approx. 30cm of 5mm elastic
approx 20cmx30cm of material, per sock. (scrap pieces of microfleece were used)

1. To create the pattern, you need a shoe that fits. Draw around the base of the shoe to give you the sole. Lay down the shoe and trace around to give you the sides of the slipper. If the shoe is a good fit, be sure to add seam allowances. To give the top to the slipper sock, free hand as shown.

2. Cut your pattern out. Lay the pattern pieces out onto your material, and cut. You will need 4 side pieces for your outer, 4 pieces for the inner. 2 of each for the soles. So 8 side pieces, 4 soles.

Example of the outer pieces cut

4. Placing right sides together, Straight stitch the back of the side pieces together,

and then the front. Once finished, it will look like this:

5. Pin, then stitch the sole to the sock.

I find it easiest to sew them from the top, so that the top part of the sock is on top.

6. So that right sides are facing, tuck the inner of the sock, into the outer.

7. Stitch along the top, leaving a small opening to turn the sock back out. (The seam in question is closed to my rings)

8. Turn the sock back out the right way, Tuck the inner back into the outer.

9. Thread elastic in through the opening, pull to the desired 'tightness' (remembering that the sock still needs to be large enough to pull over the foot, but tight enough to stay on during wear). I find that the elastic needs to be quite loose.

10. Create a casing for the elastic, by sewing all around the top, just below the elastic. Just make sure the elastic stays above where you are sewing. You can pin it in place, or just hold it away while sewing.

11. Stitch the opening at the very top closed.

12. You have completed your slipper sock!

Forgive this blurry pic. Ande didnt want to stay still...!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Garden has finally sprouted!!!

For Mothers day this year, Jason and the boys got me my veggie patch... Funny the things that are now considered a treat, hey?! Anyway, Jason had created the raised garden bed alittle while ago for me, and on mothers day he took Garrett to bunnings, and he came back with bean, zucchini and lettuce seedlings, and everything reading to start planting.

I had every intention of being a good gardener, and tending to my crop, but my laziness has got in the way, and I rarely go near it.... But to my amazement, this has happened:

My Beans!

The first Zucchini is almost ready for picking!

So if your in SE Qld, and looking for a low maintenance crop, I highly recommend these!

Slipper socks...

With Ande being off colour this week, I have noticed his poor little feet getting quite cold. This morning was no different, but this time all the washing was on the line and for the life of me i couldnt find ANY socks for him... So out comes the remnants box, and the boys slipper socks were born ;)

These were dead simple, I made them from some scrap microfleece, and lined them with scrap flannel. I thought originally that I would put an elastic casing in the top, but then after i finished the first half, and tried them on A, and thought they would be alittle small with elastic... Although after finishing them, they will need something at the back of them to help them stay up snug.

Garrett was really happy with his, kept pointing at his feet saying "McQueen socks Mummy!" - Thumbs up? I think so!