Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flower power!

Ive been learning to crochet over the past few weeks/month... Im getting there with my skills, and this SoL swap, along with the dress I made, I made one of these ----------------->
with a white flower and a green button.


I found this really simple and quick to create - my biggest downfall was loosing some tension when creating the chain. I sl st all the way back up to make the chain thicker, as the crochet cotton I used didnt give me the chain like i wanted - nor what the pattern showed.... But in doing this, I found that if i had lost some tension in the original chain, it would leave these unsightly sticky out loops in the chain. I did figure a way to fix this after the fact, but it would have been easier - and quicker to have just started again....

At the end of the stems - are these adorable leaves... I think next time, ill figure a way of making them stand out more... Because they are really just gorgeous!

One really great thing about this necklace, other than its something handmade, something simple and quick to create, easy on the back pocket, and easy on the eye - Is that my 1 year old loves to play with it. He pulls at it, tries to eat it, and it hasnt hurt it one bit!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the necklace pattern, I love it! I'm starting to learn to crochet at the moment as well and I am LOVING the new blog layout!!