Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love Lamb.....

This weeks food challenge was courtesy of my dear Husband, who suggested I make up some lamb chops and veggies... So this was the final result:

Pity the photo didn't come up well, must get Jason to take a better one for me...

Anyway - there is:

Lamb chop - Which i think needs a different colour for the bone. Its a cream. Maybe a light brown?

Potato - This was so simple to make up! Should have probably been bigger tho. Hey, its a baby potato, eh?

Carrot - Gosh these were also so simple, yet so effective!

Turnip - This was actually a piece of roast potato, but hubby said "eh?", and MIL suggested the top to it to turn it into the turnip... I quite like it like this!

Broccoli - This was made in a similar fashion to the potato, but i just anchored parts of it down, to create the 'tree' like quality of it.

I really must right the patterns as i go along... But I will get around to it, and post them up if someone is interested.

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