Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SoL Swap #15

I cant believe that I havent used this to blog about the swaps before...

So as a run down of what this is all about - I run the craft swaps on the SoL Forum. This is where a group of us all get together and handmake an item for another member - all secret until received.

Anyway - this round I made for Trumpet, and Mrs DLC made for me...

So first things first... Ill go with what I made:

Knitted Soaker with heart embellishments

This pattern had crocheted leg holes, which is saddly not one of my strong points in the world of knitting... My MIL said she thought they looked good, but I think if I was to make them again, I would do a knitted leg... Of course - as this is something that i understand!

I lanolised them ready for use. I also put an elastic waist band in as drawstrings annoy me, but I did make one for her incase she wanted it.... I really hope it fits! It took as long to knit this as it does my longies!

"Yoga" Style 3/4 pants
Pattern - Bekky creation

This was a first for me. I havent made adult pants 'on the fly' before. Especially stretch womens pants! Lucky for me, I've lost a bit of weight in the past couple of months, and my swap person's measurements weren't far off my own - So I could use pants I already own to figure how to make it work.
I originally wanted the waist to fold over as a band, but during measuring/cutting/construction - I realised this wasn't going to work as planned, so that idea got scrapped.
They are a low slung pant, that is intended to be fitted around the hips, but loosen out over the length of the pant. Worn low on the hips.

I have enough material left over, I will have to make myself a pair now I think!

Then onto what i received.

I gave myself Mrs DLC this round (secretly, its the beauty of running the swaps, You get to choose who you get and make for!).

Hand painted keep sake boxes

I wanted to get the boys some nice boxes to house their keepsakes. Im sucker for sentiment! This is Ande's box, Im yet to pick up Garrett's. But anyway, so with these I can put there keepsakes up out of their reach, and the boxes are a nice decorative touch!

Roll on round 16!

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Pam said...

They look great Bekky!