Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slipper socks Tutorial plus Free pattern...

Thought I'd write up some instructions and include how to create the pattern for my previously posted slipper socks.

So here goes...

You need:

Baking paper (for pattern pieces)
A shoe that fits

(based on babies size 5 shoes)
approx. 30cm of 5mm elastic
approx 20cmx30cm of material, per sock. (scrap pieces of microfleece were used)

1. To create the pattern, you need a shoe that fits. Draw around the base of the shoe to give you the sole. Lay down the shoe and trace around to give you the sides of the slipper. If the shoe is a good fit, be sure to add seam allowances. To give the top to the slipper sock, free hand as shown.

2. Cut your pattern out. Lay the pattern pieces out onto your material, and cut. You will need 4 side pieces for your outer, 4 pieces for the inner. 2 of each for the soles. So 8 side pieces, 4 soles.

Example of the outer pieces cut

4. Placing right sides together, Straight stitch the back of the side pieces together,

and then the front. Once finished, it will look like this:

5. Pin, then stitch the sole to the sock.

I find it easiest to sew them from the top, so that the top part of the sock is on top.

6. So that right sides are facing, tuck the inner of the sock, into the outer.

7. Stitch along the top, leaving a small opening to turn the sock back out. (The seam in question is closed to my rings)

8. Turn the sock back out the right way, Tuck the inner back into the outer.

9. Thread elastic in through the opening, pull to the desired 'tightness' (remembering that the sock still needs to be large enough to pull over the foot, but tight enough to stay on during wear). I find that the elastic needs to be quite loose.

10. Create a casing for the elastic, by sewing all around the top, just below the elastic. Just make sure the elastic stays above where you are sewing. You can pin it in place, or just hold it away while sewing.

11. Stitch the opening at the very top closed.

12. You have completed your slipper sock!

Forgive this blurry pic. Ande didnt want to stay still...!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for doing up the tutorial Bekky!