Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ande Daniel - otherwise known as 'Minibum'

Every family would have nicknames for their kids... For some reason, Garrett became 'littlebum', so when Ande came along, J called him 'minibum' one day and it just stuck.

Ande Daniel was born 4th August, 2008 (2 years, 2 months to the day after his big brother!). Born by way of VBAC after 22 hours of labour. VERY hard birth. Not sure if it was because I had the c-section with Garrett, or just because it went on for so long... After 2 hours of pushing, i was passing out between contractions and he's heart rate wasn't recovering, so he was delivered with the help of vacuum extraction. His poor little noggin! It had a massive bruise and was pulled slightly out of shape from it. But he was delivered healthy and safe, and that's all that matters.

Throughout the pregnancy with Ande, I was constantly concerned that i wouldn't bond again with my child. I didn't feel as connected to Ande throughout the pregnancy like i had with Garrett. And i was concerned that my desire for a girl would trump all and i wouldn't bond like i wanted to. My mum kept telling me that it didn't matter what gender the baby was, when i had them in my arms, I wouldn't care. She was right. When Ande was placed on my belly, I was in love! Might have had something to do with the agony part being over and done with!! hahahha!

Little Ande is almost 8 weeks old now. He is mummy's little man this time. He doesnt care much for his Daddy *sniggers*... So we got one each! Maybe my bonding theory is right. Ande's bond swayed in my favour, where Garrett's swayed in Jason's...

I have had no trouble bonding with Ande. Maybe this is also what has allowed Garrett and I to become closer. The pressure is off now....

I love my little boys... precious gifts from God.

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