Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brothers...Buddys from the beginning.

Quite honestly, I'm loving being mummy to two boys. There is such joy in watching boys bond, even at this young age that my two are at now.

From the day that we brought Ande home (well, even earlier the day before when G met him for the first time in hospital), Garrett has been so very smitten with his baby brother. They are 2 years, 2 months apart (to the day!), and G has been playing every bit the part of big brother ever since.

Yesterday was 7 weeks since Ande was born, and nothing has changed. Garrett gives him lots of kisses, tuddles and high 5's. He also reserves his very few and far between clear words for his brother too... Like earlier today while i was doing a spot of gardening (*shock!*), Ande was in the bouncer near by and started crying... Garrett walked towards him and called out:

"Mum!" to which i replied "Yes?"

"Ande's Crying"

I couldnt help but smile. Garrett doesnt say much - well not alot that the average human would understand. But this sentence was clear as day.

It really melts my heart seeing my boys together. And to think all the worry i had during the pregnancy on how they would go together, and how i would bond with my new baby. I need not have worried. Having the two of them has changed me as a person - for the better.

I'm voting blue trumps pink... and i dont have to worry about teenage PMS!

Mothers of brothers, can i hear a 'w00t w00t'?

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