Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bekkity Boo returns!

With the acquisition of my grandmothers horn sewing cabinet, the sewing bug finally caught back up with me! After so long out of the game, it was actually refreshing (not demanding) to be back behind the machine again.

So far I've created new curtains for the front room. I got some gorgeous sunout denim blue jacard print fabric, and just run up some rod pockets. Makes a huge difference! Now every Tom, Dick and Hazza can't look up and see me walk through the house. Hopefully being such quality fabric, and having the backing on it will also help with the hot queensland sun through summer.

This week was Ande's turn. I did him up 8 new pocket nappies. He's been in cloth most of the time for the past 2 weeks. I had actually intended him on being a full time cloth baby from birth, but it never turned out that way... I gots lazy ;) even after i made him a full stash ready to go from birth!

So in his new collection he has rainbow minky, birds feather, MM fleece, Thomas the tank, a Mr. Happy nappy, hot rod flames (same as his big brother! Ill have to get a shot of them together with them on!) and some cute stars...

With Garrett now toliet training, the pressure for nappies has decreased. So at least i can still have some fun with it! (Having said that, Ande is in sposie now as he has a rash that needed some bepathan...)

Im really happy to be sewing again. Its a creative outlet i have really missed... Now to train the baby to sleep when the toddler does, and i'll be set!

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