Thursday, October 2, 2008

All we need is love.... love, love. Love is all we need!

Gosh i am so in love it scares me.

I am in love with my husband.
I am in love with my sons.
I am in love with my family.
I am in love with my friends.
I am in love with my life.
I am in love with myself (ahhahahah, well some days I am, and you have to be - hating yourself isnt healthy!)

Its really sad that it takes something so horribly tragic like Dani loosing Josh for me to truly grasp just how lucky i am, and then treasure every moment i have with the people and things that i love.

So what and who do you love?

other than the above, today I am in love with:

Queensland weather - How gorgeous is it to live in the sunshine state? The weather is like being on holidays every day. I open my curtains in the morning to this gorgeous earth that we are on. Blue skies, fresh cut grass - does it get any sweeter?

Cherry coke - I found a shop at the hyperdome today that sells it, along with Dr Pepper and all other assortment of US drinks and lollies... Mmmmmm I love that shop! Too bad its stupidly overpriced! I shake my fist at Coke Australia for stopping production here!

ABC kids - 1 and 2. Its great that I can such quality entertainment on all day in the background. Its great seeing G actually start to interact with the TV, and understand jokes and such!

LCD screen cleaner - Very blessed that it works. Even after the crayon incident, Garrett has still managed to find more things to attack the TV with, and thank goodness - they have come off!

So if anyone actually reads this - tell me - What do you love?


iRiS said...

Right now I am praising GOD Bekky as I was out shopping and had to do a u turn with the pram as I forgot to get soemthing from the bakery and low and behold I turn around and there on the pavement is my purse!

not a big deal in the scheme of things I know BUT atm when money is so tight it really would have been hard to lose my whole wallet, so thanks gaurdian angel or god or both for making me turn around

and yes i too cherish all of the above

thinking of you dani and your children at this trying time

Bekky said...

WOW! That was lucky! I love when things like that happen. Your heart skips a beat when you realise how close you were, even being a small thing.

KaM said...

The saying is true . . you dont know what you have until you lose it . .

I love the curls on Matilda's head that make her look like a crazy professor.

I love the cool breeze that wafts past in the heat of the day to give you a breath of fresh air.

I love crisp crunchy apples.

~Elleni~ said...

I love this blog post Bekky! :)

~Elleni~ said...

Opps forgot add what I love.

I love being a mother, a wife, a friend and a daughter.
I love my family and friends for without them I wouldn't be what I am today.
I love the way my gorgeous boy laughs.
I love so much in my life! :D

Bekky said...

Its great to see what you all love :D

It doesnt take much to sit back and really appreciate what we have in life, and when you do - you see just how much you really do have.

"I dont want you money hunny, I want your love!"