Monday, October 6, 2008

The Lee update - September '08

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to keep extended family up-to-date with the movements and goings on around here... Please remind me to do an update at least once a month! :D

So where do i begin? Lets start with the boys!

Garrett is now 2 years 4 months old... Crikey how time has flown! He loves doing 'cheers' and often says thank you when he is given something- Although this cant be prompted - he will ignore you! Last time we weighed him (last week) he was about 17/18kg. BIG boy. He is now in size 4-5tops and 3 for bottoms.

Toilet training is still going well, although he has to be pants free for the sensation to click and for him to actually use the potty. Jocks work the same as a nappy, and he gives us no warnings - and refuses to go. So for now - its pants free time at home while he builds up the understanding. Its hot enough here now that he is probably enjoying the nudie time anyway!

Let me see if i can get list all his words (well ones that he actually repeats and arent a one off):

*Dad (and all forms of)
*Mum (and all forms of)
*Thank you
*Terah (although it doesnt always come out very clearly)

*Yes (and all forms of)
*No (and all forms of - including 'NUP'!)

Sure there is more, but i just cant think right now. Ill update this if i do think of more.

He has also said these, but hasnt repeated them since (so could be a fluke)

"Mum, Ande's crying"

One of his favourite games when we are out and about it, is pointing to car's badges and he asks "Whats that", so we tell him the make of the car. It can become very repetitive! Lots of Holdens and Toyotas around here! The time he said Nissan and hyundai, was when he pointed to their symbols on the cars, he got them right too - Daddy was most proud!

Ande is a whole 2 months old now! My how time has flown! He is so adorable. He is grinning and gurgling so much now. He is starting to even like his daddy alittle more - which is making things alot easier on me. For a long time there, Ande only wanted me - and even though that was a massive ego boost, it also made life very hard!

He isn't sleeping through yet, but G still doesnt some nights, so im not really fazed by that. He only wakes for 2 feeds, so its very easy to manage. He has been sleeping in his bassinet again (thanks once again Nanny and Poppy!), so at least for the first couple of hours of the night im getting some deeper sleep.

A is now in 00, even some 0 - and today is in a size 1 singlet! He is just like his brother, growing a the speed of light.

Ande had his 2 month shots yesterday. He coped very well. Only the standard ouch cry, and then that was it. He slept almost all of yesterday, and today he is almost back to normal - except for being alittle warm. Although its supposed to be 33 here today (In the coldest spot of our house is 27 at the moment!), so it could have something to do with that more so than the shots. Im aiming to delay giving him panadol for as long as i possibly can. There was reports not long ago that delaying giving babies panadol until after they are 12months is very beneficial - so that is what we are aiming for. Within in reason - of course! Boobs are great pain relief - so we will be going the natural route first.

I'm very much smitten with my little man. He is mummy's little boy... Makes my heart melt every time i see him!

So - Now onto Jason i suppose?!

He is still rather enjoying his job with Mark, its almost been a year now. He has been out of the sun too, which is a real blessing. He has recently found a new skin cancer tho, and some others have come back, so its off to the Dr. to get them checked again.

Still working away on his cars, although since Ande's arrival, that is on the backburner - again!

Got some more weekend work coming up hopefully - so that will keep him busy ;)

and me?

I've been coping pretty well since Ande's arrival. I guess that our bonding has gotten off to a better start than with Garrett, so that has helped matters.

I've been on a bit of self discovery lately, and been trying to improve my behaviour and thoughts in general. I found myself being alittle nasty towards the end of the pregnancy - so this is something im trying to change.

I have lost alot of weight since having Ande. Hoping to loose more too... just need to get back into exercise now that i can.

That should be it for this month - check in next month to see whats happening!

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