Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gosh my heart breaks for him!

My poor little monkey has allergies, again! He was given the all clear a couple of months back... but apparently he isn't!

<< This is when i first noticed it. He started scratching up his arm. Gosh it must have been itchy.

He had been playing in a friends backyard, and hadnt eaten anything out of the blue... So it was baffling me what could have caused such a reaction.

Rang the GP's and got him an appointment asap (which was in an hour...)

This one was from at the GP's office, so an hour after the initial reaction.

These were from when we got home, and after he had taken medication - so 3 hours post reaction.

Poor kid. He was so itchy that he was almost scratching his skin off!

He was such a trooper!

We thought it might have been lime burn, but I decided to keep a food and behaviour diary anyway (other reasons and the fact the GP first thought it was a reaction to something ingested)...

It happened again yesterday afternoon!

I think he is reacting to processed sliced cheese... Poor thing, Its his favourite food right now!

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Sarah-Jo said...

awww ouch Bekky that is awful!

I dont know if you remember or not BUT I had a huge allergic reaction
a while ago
all my arms and legs looked like that
it was horrid, I racked my brains for two weeks trying to think of what it could be from

after three trips to emergency and three to my GP and a HUGE dose of phenergen later we discovered it was a reaction to the washing powder
funny thing was Ive used that powder for over two yrs with no reaction
I hope you find the cause quickly hun thats bad!