Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Somethings really amuse me about Garrett's development.

This new stage is one of them. Garrett says "cheers" all the time... Its so funny. This morning he even 'cheer'd the tap (as Jason just filled his bottle up with water out of it). Its so cute to see that he understands what it means. Although last week he did 'cheers' with the washers in the bath as he was sucking on one and i was washing Ande with the other... He has now started to 'cheers' with food too.

Funny little lad he is.

Don't think i have mentioned his self portrait stage either... Gosh this is funny.....

He understands how to use our phones to take a photo. So he does. Only the photos are always of himself - on purpose. I have folders and folders full of these funny photos of Garrett, usually only half of his face tho, or his chest - depending on how far he has tilted the phone.

Such a funny little man. How could you not love him to bits?!


~Elleni~ said...

Great photo G! I love the way he takes photos of himself Bekky. Lucas loves my camera but he usually has his fingers over the lens! lol

Bekky said...

G takes them always of himself... Its so funny to watch! He has since figured out his uncles digital camera too..... You can tell its the age of technology, when a toddler knows how to use it all better than his mother does!