Monday, October 6, 2008

Boo Boys, otherwise known as BOO-iants

Boo-iants, Bekky language for Giants..

Ande has his 2month check up yesterday, so here is the comparison for the boys at the same age...

Weight: 6.48kg (up 2.47kg on birth)
Length: 59.5cm (Up8.5cm on birth)
HC: 40cm (up 6cm on birth)

Weight: 6.995kg (Up 2.88kg on birth)
Length: 59cm (up 5cm on birth)
HC: 40.5cm (up 5cm on birth)

Ande fitted into a size 1 bonds singlet today too.... oh dear! Thanks Kerry for this singlet too :) Lucky it was the 1 and not a 000 or 00, otherwise he'd never get to wear it!

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