Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teeth, who'd have them?

Honestly, who would?

The pregnancy with Ande really stuffed my body around. Its really amazing when you think about it. He needed calcium, i wasn't taking enough in, so it had to come from somewhere..... So it came from my teeth. So instead of him going without - my body plucks it from anywhere it can get it. The wonders of the human body and pregnancy. Only problem now is i have one really bad tooth. I've been having tooth aches since about 24weeks. Thought it was wisdom tooth pain, but its still coming. Although it isn't all the time, so i didn't think it was a cavity... Tried sensitive toothpaste, didn't do anything. I can get away without pain if i don't chew on that side - so that's what I've been doing.

My fear of dentists is really the preventer here! I just don't want to go to one, nor can we really afford to, so i just put up with it... Hmmmm wonder if that is really all that intelligent? Oh well... Its probably just one more thing to leave alone until after Christmas!

The sad thing in all of this? I brush my teeth every day. Jason doesn't, yet I'm the one that has problems! Guess it comes from having no enamel!

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