Friday, October 24, 2008

Nawwwww... Brothers :)

Garrett is STILL smitten with Ande. Makes me wonder why I ever worried! And :p to all the people who said that he wouldn't, and that it was just novelty - that it would wear off and he'd hate him soon enough... A is just shy of 3 months - and it is still the same.

I love my little boys. I know I was worried about having a boy, and how I'd feel not having a girl... but seriously - I love having all boys. I really truly do.

I was born to be these boys mummy. They are my all... even when G pushes my buttons!


Sarah-Jo said...

awww thats beautiful

O was the same with Iris and still dotes on her 19mths on
his very affectionate with her but she doesnt return that affection much shes a bit aloof haahhaaha

Anonymous said...

awwww that's so adorable!

just wait until lil bro starts playing with his toys mwahahahaha :)

kymmy said...

Oh so sweet. Boys are wonderful!

Bekky said...

Em, Garrett is already offering all his toys :p

Think it will be ok, as long as it isnt his car! Heads roll when it comes to that toy!